What we actually do at Kairon Labs


Most service providers in crypto seem to operate under a veil of mystery. It’s very hard to figure out which provider is offering what service exactly and what the supposed benefits are.

In this series we’d like to offer an insight into what we do on a day to day basis at Kairon Labs to provide value to our very diverse customer base.

First off, we are known as a market maker. You’ll be surprised by how many other aspects we are involved with besides the purely algorithmic trading that is the bread and butter for our company.

Part 1: Full stack go-to-market strategies and execution for projects looking to launch their own token or cryptocurrency

Yes, at moment of writing this series, there are still plenty of projects looking to launch their own native token or cryptocurrency.

Clearly the ICO boom and subsequent IEO craze is over, but we still have project teams reaching out to us on a weekly basis looking to get their new token to market.

However, we do notice that the quality of teams and their ideas has vastly improved, while the funding in most cases has sharply declined. We generally see this as a good thing for the future of our beloved crypto/blockchain industry.

Often these teams and founders are very focused on their product and have a certain vision in mind. They want their token or cryptocurrency to have a certain market capitalization, they want to be listed on the top exchanges, etc. Finding the pragmatic way to execute on this vision is not that straightforward.

Keep in mind, most project teams have never launched a token before.

This is where we step in and offer guidance based on best practices

In consultation with our clients we come up with a complete and custom tailored go-to-market strategy for their token or cryptocurrency.

Our go-to-market strategies (or in short, GTM strategies) always take into account these 3 main factors:

A well thought out GTM strategy for any token or cryptocurrency revolves around aligning the following key pillars:

2. Market making

3. PR

4. Marketing

5. Community engagement

At Kairon Labs, on the management and consultancy side, we are able to coordinate and implement the whole go-to-market strategy.

On the executional level we take care of the in-house market making and the exchange listings.

The PR, marketing and community solutions we do not offer in-house, for this we bring in our trusted and specialized partners to the table. These are partners we have been working with for years now, successfully cooperating and executing on different projects together.

If your project has some of these key pillars already in place, we can always fill up the missing gaps. We do work on an à la carte basis too of course. You can contact us at www.kaironlabs.com